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Defining the Lean Manufacturing Concept

Expert Consultation is Crucial

Expert Resource Can Prevent Costly Mistakes

Because of the fundamental structural change that Lean Manufacturing represents to a company (a different way of doing business), its leadership must get it right the first time. If not done right the first time, failed attempts to bring about fundamental change can seriously damage any company. This is why it is critical to select an experienced consulting company that provides Lean Manufacturing training, hands-on preparation, and implementation consulting. Do not accept training for training’s sake alone. On-site consulting along with your top management’s commitment are the two keys to success.

Starting the Lean Manufacturing Journey

To start a journey toward Lean Manufacturing, you begin with the commitment to continuous improvement. Without the discipline to remain on track with continuous reviews of the different functions of the company, Lean Manufacturing will not be attained. This is not a quick fix or overnight solution to processing problems. It is a combination of new production techniques, facility layout and corporate culture. Dramatic results in efficiencies and inventory reductions can be realized within 1 to 6 months but the total changeover to lean can take from 3 to 5 years on average. It is not uncommon to see 50% - 70% reduction in costs.

Lean Manufacturing Benefits

  • Lower Production Cost
  • Shorter Production Time
  • Elimination of Waste
  • Higher Quality
  • Lower Inventory
Dedicated Support

Beginning the Process

After committing to Lean Manufacturing, you begin by selecting a Lean Manufacturing Manager to work directly with Expert Resource. Together, we will introduce Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques, then identify the value of Lean Manufacturing at your company. The process of identifying the true value within your product or service will, by contrast, identify the waste.

The next step is to make a current value stream map with all of the flaws included. In the following step you should be "thinking outside the box" to produce a future value stream map which would normally involve a new production sequence using the most appropriate lean techniques available. Then ensure the flow is optimized, the paperwork is minimized, the production is a demand (pull) system and you are aiming at perfection in quality and cost.

To achieve these goals usually involves an initial major change to the plant layout due to the new production sequence and techniques.

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