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Case Study; A Dramatic Transformation

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Case Study

An ER client implemented Lean Manufacturing with Expert Resource consultants and created the following improvements:

  • Employee turnover from 80% down to 4.5% (reducing hiring and training costs while increasing consistency and quality)
  • Inventory turnover increased from 6 to 22 times per year (reducing inventory costs)
  • Inventory reduction- $1,000,000
  • On-time delivery increased from 74% to over 97%
  • Unplanned employee absenteeism reduced from 11% to 1.8%
  • Profits increased up to 1800% in some areas

Lean Manufacturing Benefits Overview

Lean Manufacturing is changing businesses around the world through techniques that create outstanding results and translate directly into bottom-line profits. It is not uncommon to increase profit by 100% to more than 500% by implementing simple Lean Manufacturing techniques.

  • Reduces waste throughout the company
  • Creates efficient manufacturing flow
  • Reduces lead times to production
  • Saves turnover expenses
  • Increases sales growth
  • Reduces set-up times
  • Avoids unnecessary equipment expense
  • Multiplies inventory turnover
  • Increases profits


Praise for Expert Resource


"I would not have changed a thing. The program exceeded all expectations. The -day training and 2 days of on-site consulting per month was proper for our busy manufacturing schedule. It gave us time to implement the Lean Manufacturing technique of that month before moving to the next. We have a totally different company now! There is hardly any clutter and everyone takes the initiative for improvements. The creation of a better production flow has cut lead time by over two weeks on many part numbers."

-- Stephan Gamble, GM, Ronlo Engineering

"The ROI is absolutely worth it, both in direct cost and our employees’ time. We have high profitability on projects that we used to lose money on. We have reduced set-up time on one machine from 17 to 8.25 hours and from 8.75 to 3 hours on a second machine. Creating a better flow between our first four operating processes has already cut lead time by 5 days."

-- Greg Harsen, President, Paramount Machine Company

"Set-up time used to be 30% of our overall production time. It has already been reduced to 22%. The 5S discipline is now creating unsolicited ideas and our group is really buying into making everything efficient. They like the improved working conditions. The Expert Resource consultants have been fantastic and are respected by all. They bring fun into the program. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The ROI is certainly worth it without hesitation."

-– Joe Grossnickle, President, Riggins Engineering

"Because there is no one fix for all companies, we have learned how to identify problems in our own setting and apply the right tools for effective change. Job Shop environments have multiple set-ups and variants each day. It is not consistent day-to-day. Although Job Shops are a unique situation for Lean Manufacturing techniques, the Expert Resource consultants understood the difference and customized the program for our environment very well."

-- John Grossnickle , NC Engineer, Riggins Engineering

"By creating a deburring cell, we’ve dropped lead time on various parts by 4 to 7 days. Our continuous flow is now better and we have dropped 3 to 5 days of lead time on our first three manufacturing processes."

-- Bryan Dow, Quality Manager, Dow Precision Hydraulics

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